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rudy trouvé
Another project Rudy worked on was ‘110m²’(1999-2000), a very interesting idea which has three French musicians building and playing home-made instruments, accompanied by DJ Low on the turntables and Rudy Trouvé on the guitar.

Originally an idea by Joost Fontaine (Limelight in Kortrijk, Belgium), he asked Pierre Bastien, Pierre Berthet and Fréderic Le Junter to build custom made instruments for a few experimental and musical performances. The instruments ranged from rhythmic boxes made of mecanno toys, homemade guitars, or simple constructions of cardboard boxes which produce a noise when turned around its axis. After a while, they called in Rudy Trouvé and DJ Low for assistance. They rehearsed for about a week, after which they were ready to perform in front of a public.
The five of them did about a dozen performances or so, through Belgium (and even France) from October '99 to January 2001. The result was a very ‘cosy’ atmosphere during the performances (well, at least the ones I saw), with a very silent and attentive audience. Fortunately so, because some of the instruments were very quiet. The set lasted about 70-80 minutes, combining chaotic noises with very soft, minimalistic sounds, with even some songs in a more traditional style. Two songs were definitely very Rudy Trouvé, on two other Fréderic Le Junter demonstrated his shouting/singing abilities.

It was a very interesting project- totally diverse and original sounds, and a feast to look at as well. This is why there wasn’t a cd release of the project; without the visual impact, it loses a lot of its appeal. The name '110m²' simply came from the size of the installations all together- 110 meters square.
If you'd like to see this performance yourself, you're a bit late. There might be some planned in the future, but at the moment I don't know of any future dates. The next best thing to do would be to check some pictures and an audio fragment on this very website.
The 'experience' in basic realaudio doesn't come close to witnessing it in real life, of course.