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rudy trouvé
dirk belmans
jacki billet
tomas noppe
short discography [full discography here]

These days are the quiet kind (1997)
Above the lisa drugstore (1998)

Gore Slut is all about basic chords, screaming guitars, and summer hits about love, midlife crisis and depression.
It is the least silly of Rudy’s bands. That's to say- the lyrics and music are mostly not the most cheerful ones around, but especially during live gigs, things do tend to get amusing from time to time.

Gore Slut is a band of simple songs, much like it’s line-up, which is very classic. There are two guitar players, one bass guitar player and a drummer.
The result is that Gore Slut makes simple yet beautiful, noisy pop songs. They rarely do any higly unusual experiments with their instruments, but they try to get the most out of their music by varying pop and rock melodies, combined with Rudy’s singing. Some people think Gore Slut is Rudy Trouvé’s least interesting band, but the truth is of course far of it (There simply are no uninteresting projects when Rudy’s involved!)
Gore Slut may make simple songs, but can hold easily its head high because every single one of them is genuine, never making songs simply for the sake of it.
To Gore Slut, simplicity is a style and a challenge, not a handicap.

Live, the performance of the band is usually relative to the audience. When the audience is enthusiastic and interested, a Gore Slut gig can be a very 'cosy' and wonderful experience. Rudy likes to make amusing remarks about his own songs, and the occasional conversation with a loud drunk in the audience can be hilarious as well.
If the gathered audience decides not to be interested in the first place however, the band tends to get annoyed, and makes (-besides playing their wonderful music-) little effort to captivate the attention at all. It's a sad thing to such a great band being ignored by a crowd.

Gore Slut is another band to emerge from the Heaven Hotel basement days. In 1992, Rudy Trouvé , Jacki Billet (Kiss My Jazz) and Dirk Belmans (Lionell Horowitz) started playing together as Gore Slut. (Rudy Trouvé: “We played pop influenced by Jonathan Richman, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, etc…like most of the nineties underground guitar bands.”)
After a while, they broke up for a few years, and in that period, Rudy kept on writing songs which didn’t fit in any of his other bands. In 1996, when they started rehearsing again, Tomas Noppe (Bad Influence) joined the band.

In april 1997, a debut album was released. They had sent their demo to Stickman, a German record company founded by Norwegian band Motorpsycho. They liked Gore Slut's demo very much, and picked up the band and its first album, ‘These days are the quiet kind'. While press and fans were very enthusiastic, the band somehow couldn't captivate the attention which Kiss My Jazz or Dead Man Ray could enjoy.
'These day are the quiet kind' is never the less a wonderful album, filled with cozy lo-fi and noisy rockballads and tiny love songs.
A small club tour was set up across Belgium and the Netherlands, and they were invited to play at Dour and Pukkelpop as well that year.

Only one year later, in June 1998 Gore Slut's second baby was already born. ‘Above the Lisa drugstore' was more of the same, although even more noisy and electric this time. In terms of press and public reactions, the story from the first album repeated itself.
Since Stickman is a German company, both Gore Slut albums had been released in Germany and Sweden as well. Because of that, Gore Slut went over to Germany to play a few club gigs as well.
In between Rudy's other projects, Gore Slut continued doing gigs from time to time.
In 1999, the band released a new vinyl single called ‘Crawling to Target’. It's a 500 copies limited edition, and is sold out by now.

A genuine Gore Slut spin-off was born when Kiss My Jazz died january 2000: 'Screaming Headache'. Basically, the band has the same line-up as Gore Slut, but Elko Blijweert plays in stead of Jacki Billet. While sharing Gore Slut's love for screaming guitars, Screaming Headache has virtually no songs, and plays almost nothing but 'vague ideas' and chaotic improvisations.

Late 2000, the band began working on material for their third album. They recorded 5 tracks, played one gig in the AB, and sent out 20 promo singles of the song 'Imitation', a track inspired by Wire's Mannequin.
In february 2001, the band continued recording tracks at Geert Van Bever's Ghosttown studio.
The album finally got released August 2001, and Gore Slut showed another side of itself: a much crisper production than the previous albums, and Rudy's lyrics and vocals more in the foreground.
While the band had intentions to make a more acoustic album, it turned out to be at least as electric as before.
A short Belgian tour followed, starting with two gigs at the Pukkelpop festival and a support act for their own guitar heroes: Motorpsycho.