other resources on the web

heavenhotel the official site, by Heyme
lots of official news, pictures, downloads and a webshop for music and artwork
the love substitutes the closest thing to an official site, by Craig Ward
read how Craig experiences being part of Belgium's bestest supergroup around
mauroworld, by Kevin & Alison
Super up-to-date info on any Mauro-event you can imagine, including The Love Subs!
110m² minisite at les 38e rugissants
interesting page with audio, pictures, an interview and even a short video of the project
dead man ray official website
while Dead Man Ray is on hold, so is the official website
page at the labels-website
(in french) Lots of audio clips and you can even view the toothpaste video. Nice
the belgian pop & rock archives by dirk
another good page from a brilliant website
dEUS official site
recently swallowed Arthur's, and now promises to be a whole lot more up-to-date. It better be !
[wwwcs3] by jyves
now the best dEUS-fansite around, no competition. A vast archive of dEUS tourdates, lyrics and articles.
gore slut gore slut@limbo by jyves [OFFLINE]
standard gore slut homepage. Pretty but not very informative
page at the official stickman website
featuring a rudy-written gore slut biography
kiss my jazz page at the belgian pop & rock archives
and we all know how great that site is
heyme langbroek's homepage by heyme (obviously)
with some kiss my jazz info, and a bizarre collection of dutch song lyrics.
sanctuary by mandi and elissa
Fun site about several (belgian) bands, including a kmj page and small photo gallery
rudy trouvé 4xtrouve site by Artrouvé
little flash site about the trouvé family-exhibition november 2000


general info
The official site for Belgian (Flemish) music. Quick news updates and a potentially excellent database of info, links, contact addresses etc.
the belgian pop & rock archives by dirk
extremely interesting, extended site about anything that's happening in the belgian music scene. Unfortunately no more updates planned...
the antwerp music pages by geert
great concept, let down by too few updates
belgian music by patrick
a site which tries hard to gather a complete listing of all belgian bands
clear horizon by Ailen
A Japanese website covering the Belgian music scene. In Japanese.
RESPECT !!! :)
pictures moïd by alison & martin
site containing some excellent pictures of all sorts of belgian bands, including dead man ray and gore slut
soundsbrown by tom
lots of great photo's of lots of great bands. Including Love Substitutes, Rudy Trouvé Sextet, Franco Saint De Bakker and more. Superfast online.
Gracelicious by Grace
Plenty of cool pics of plenty of cool bands!
Very big site website with loads of lyrics of loads of Belgian bands, including dEUS and Dead Man Ray.
tablatures Belgian bass tabs archive by corina
new (and still growing) site with bass tabs of belgian bands - including gore slut
the ideal tabs by avi
site with lots of guitar tablatures for several belgian bands, including most of rudy's
communities the deus discussion board
Replacing the Isufferrock forum. Now narrowed down to a few dEUS discussion boards and sort of a general Belgian music board.
Discuss good music.
music-zines [Uzine] - of Radio Centraal
free non-commercial e-zine with music reviews, interviews & lotsa links.
European musiczine covering a wide range of styles and tastes.
The finest webzine around from Wallonia and France.
Quite possibly the finest online archive of audio and video footage around.


2000 Monkeys tom pintens' own homepage. A bit on the basic side, but huge potential
AngeliCo the official website by sven
An Pierlé the best an pierlé source on the net
Arno the official site
BAR8 the official website
Boenox the official website
CIC - Artrouvé website by rudy's sister sonia
Cinérex official website
COEM official site (flash)
Daan the official site (flash)
Daan official daan stuyven pictures site
Daan good unofficial fansite (french)
DAAU the official site
DAAU hanno's dedicated fanpage
Das Pop the best fanpage by caroline and myself
Das Pop far too heavy on flash. pretty, but unfunctional if your connection is slow
Donkey Diesel Moniek's cool official website
El Fish the official website
El tattoo del tigre official website (flash)
El tattoo del tigre stoffel verlackt's own homepage, with some interesting MP3s to download
Evil Superstars outdated fanpage, but the only dedicated website out there
Fence the official website
Fence well build fansite (some flash)
Fifty foot combo the official website
Flat Earth Society the official site
Flowers for breakfast jelgers' unofficial website
The Germans Millionaire sound-alikes and very good !
Ghinzu the official site
Girls in Hawaii the official site
Goose fabulously promising funky electro-futuretro pop band
Grim official site
Groep Jezus the official site
Hooverphonic the official site
Kamino the official site
Kinky Star the official website in flash
Les femmes enceintes pretty nice young band
Lowlands official website
Mauro mauroworld by Alison and Kevin. All things Mauro Pawlowski.
Mauro official homepage. A few things Mauro Pawlowski.
Millionaire official homepage
Millionaire sang's fansite
Mintzkov Luna official website
Mitsoobishy Jacson en français
Monguito official website by Alison
Orange Black the official site
Ozark Henry the official site
Petrol independent belgian label (boenox, wawadadakwa, flip kowlier,...)
De Portables the official website
Powertone Wouter Van Belle's solo music project
Rare fish collective portal for young, underground Belgian musicians and bands
Rumplestitchkin official site
Scary Teens official Scary Teens Farmland Screwing homepage. Flipped lo-fi.
Shadowgraphic City official homepage
Soulwax the official, nice looking but unpractical website in flash
Soulwax caroline's dedicated fanpage, the best on the net
Starfield Season One of the best bands I saw at Rock Rally 2002
Styrofoam official website
Sunzoo Manley the official site
Sukilove the official site
Think Of One the official site
Think Of One steven's excellent unofficial homepage
Traktor the official site
Triggerfinger the official site by sven
Venus the official website
Venus very well done and complete fansite, by emmanuel
Venus in Flames the official website
Pierre Vervloessem unofficial homepage
Vive la Fête the official site
Vive la Fête fansite (in dutch) by tim
Wall of Sweat the official website
Wawadadakwa the official website
Yum the official site
Zita Swoon the official site (flash)
Zita Swoon flashy (html-) site by baby genius
Zita Swoon paul and marie's unofficial homepage. the best zita swoon portal out there
Zornik the official site